Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Brooklyn Grafitti #2

Brooklyn Grafitti #1

Big fan of 80s TV series? Midwood


Tres Reyes. Gowanus.


Ditmas Park


  1. i think thats seems like it makes alot of people sure the person who wrote that is a native.native new yorker.i can almost bet that the people who made comments on this so called *eye sore* are an eye sore to him or her.if you want to live in a super clean place,move to new york city graffiti is passed from one generation to sure you have done way worse things.i mean christ,look at your 100% sure your mess needs to be blessed.dont forget where you moved york city where graffiti was born and will be around way longer than you.donate some money to vox pop if you want to make a difference.leave the cable company alone too,there just blue collar workers who dont want to hear some bored lame lonley insucure crazie spirituly sick sexualy disfunctional bi-polar crazer with ten million other character flaws,complain about some scribble on a box that will naturally wash should try to give back.when other people see that *bless this mess* im sure some of them say a might make them say *hey,you aint the only one,i could use a blessing myself*they might even think about how to help a person in need.such as yourself. it seems to me like a friendly and positive reminder.anywho,its christmas once again,and i can only hope that you aint stuffing my stocking.yours truley,joe and nancy public...

  2. (This comment is referring to the miserable comments on the Ditmas Park blog about the "Bless This Mess" pic)

    Thank you for saying so. I was really disappointed, first that no one seemed interested in the pics, and second that everyone was so miserable about it. I feel exactly the same as you do - to me this represents Brooklyn. It's beautiful, it's ugly, and it's everything in between. And in the end, it's just a bunch of folks trying to get by. Thanks for your comment.